Bow River Trail

Puppy enjoyed this quick hike along the Bow River that starts in the town itself. It was a little chilly that day so he needed his trusty scarf.

Burstall Pass

It was a windy day for Puppy as he explored this wonderful trail. A 16.4 km trail with 675 of elevation gain with a very rewarding view.

Boom Lake

Puppy enjoyed this easy 10k hike in Banff National Park. Lots of good places to sit.

Black Prince Cirque

Puppy had lovely short hike with his good froggy buddy.

Beauvert Lake Loop

After hanging out with some fancy chefs, Puppy went for a lovely stroll along the Beauvert Lake Loop. It was getting late in the day so the light was fading, but that didn’t stop the views from still being exceptional.

Ptarmigan Cirque

Located near Highwood pass, Ptarmigan Cirque is one of Puppy’s favourite hikes. He tries to make it at least once a year to this high altitude hike. In 2001 he brought along a amphibious friend from Ontario, and together they enjoyed a beautifully clear day.

Athabasca Falls

A short and lovely walk in Jasper, Athabasca falls was very picturesque. Puppy was a bit of a daredevil with some of these pictures, but he is a bit of an adrenaline junkie.